Work Orders

The General Services team receives work requests through the AIM system and is scheduled according to availability.  If assistance is needed with your request, please contact the Campus Work Control Center at 574-631-8888 or email

Generally, we require at least 72 hours leeway to accommodate your work requests.  Keep in mind, we experience busy times throughout the year (i.e. JPW, Alumni Reunion, Commencement, home football weekends and any other special event).  This may lead to more time requested to complete your work order.

When completing your request, keep in mind that the "short description" is limited in characters to 250 and the "extra description" is unlimited characters.  Also, diagrams are an integral part for us to make sure we get your set up just how you want it.  They can be attached under "related documents".  Key points needed to get your request scheduled are listed below:

  • date, time and location of the request is needed (delivery & pick up)
  • name and good phone number of contact 
  • quantity and size of inventory needed
  • any special direction (e.g. times to set to avoid classes or if the event is outside - rain provisions). More details can be included in the extra description. 

Please notify us, as soon as possible, for any cancellations or changes.